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Silver Anvil was formed as a business primarily geared toward the reclamation of silver from photographic and jewelry waste. Since its inception our facilities expanded to handle a much broader range of engineering ventures. We have extended our expertise to the recovery of precious metals from many different sources, as well as the recycling of many other materials, such as plastics and non-precious metals. We also have expanded our ability to destroy archival data and recover valuable material. We take pride in the knowledge that we have been able to sustain ourselves through the market lows and uncertainties.

Our Mission: To engineer chemical solutions to uncommon needs, and return residual materials to industry uses.

Today our facilities are designed to receive materials for the recovery of precious metals, the recycling of various materials for return for use, the creation of our metal replacement foam, and environmental protection through unique engineering and chemicals processes. Silver Anvil enjoys finding a need, exploring engineering resolutions, and applying these solutions to solve other problems.

Summary of Future Plan:

  • Further develop our resin production for environmental cleanup and industrial recovery of precious metals.

  • Expand industry awareness of our ability to destroy archival data and recover valuable material for reuse.

  • Expand the use of our expertise to recover precious metals.

  • Find chemical solutions for industry challenges before they become wasteful issues.


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