Currently we are processing x-ray and photographic solutions and chemistry using the following steps:

1.  Solutions arrive and are sampled for assay:  volumes and pH are recorded and the drum of solution is given a work order number so we can track it through our system.

2.  For used fixer containing silver, the solution is pumped into a holding tank from which it is metered into 3 Silvermate electrolytic recovery units that are connected in series, each having 2 electrolytic cells.  If green film is available it is placed in the holding tank so that silver can be dissolved from it.   Silver is scraped from the cathodes of each cell on a regular basis and melted into a bar in our MIFCO Number 16 furnace.

3.  Solution from the Silvermate then passes through a final filter that consists of a steel wool cartridge to remove residual silver.  From the steel wool cartridge the solution is collected in a dedicated receiving tank where it is assayed to insure that silver is removed to less than 5 parts per million.

4.  If the solution is greater than 5 parts per million it is pumped through a Powell Electrolytic Coalescer or alternate recovery step to remove silver down to less than 5 parts per million.

5.  If the silver concentration tests at less than 5 parts per million the solution is pumped into a holding tank from which it is picked up as a non-hazardous waste by our disposal contractor.

Photos added at this point

                Photo of 3 Silvermates

                Photo of Silvermate cathodes coated with silver

                Photo of Powell cell

                Photo of MIFCO Number 16 furnace

                Photo of metal being poured into a bullion mold



Water that is pumped to the surface with oil is called process water.  Because of its high salt concentration, it frequently contains silver and other precious metals.  We receive this water and run it through a Powell cell to coalesce the precious metals in an iron matrix.  Frequently we can process 250 gallons of process water and recover 2-3 gallons of iron matrix slurry from which we can extract the precious metals using conventional leaching technology.


Cyanide solutions are used in the mining industry to extract precious metals from ores.  Cyanide solutions are used in industry to plate silver and gold onto other metals.  We receive cyanide solutions and consume the residual cyanide extracting silver and gold from compact discs or other plated items and then use our proprietary destruction process to both destroy the cyanide and precipitate the precious metals.

Photo of cyanide reactor


Frequently industrial clients generate acid or base solutions that are excess to their needs and these clients do not desire to recover metals that may be contained in these solutions or neutralize these solutions.  Because we are constantly generating acidic and basic solutions we use these incoming solutions to neutralize our excess solutions to insure that the solutions that we produce are non-hazardous.

Photo of barrel of solution on mixer stand