Silver Anvil Engineering processes Karat gold and silver which are melted into bars for marketing.

Silver bars from electrolytic refining process

Materials containing less than 10% metal that also contain combustibles are burned in our licensed incinerator, the ashes collected, and smelted with fluxes in our melting furnace to concentrate the metal.


Occasionally we visit a client’s facility to clean out a sump or dust collector that contains metal which we can process.  We use a special vacuum to clean dust collectors and surrounding areas.   Collected material is incinerated and the ashes melted.   

Materials in sumps are pumped out, solids separated, dried, and smelted.  The solutions are precipitated with a metal-selective agent that causes the metal to fall out of solution as a sludge which is then filtered, dried, and melted with fluxes, then poured into a bar. 

We process plated jewelry and other plated items by a leaching process. The precious metal is extracted from the base metal using a proprietary cyanide-based solvent that is then recovered using our cyanide reactor with in-situ sulfur dioxide reduction to both precipitate the precious metal and destroy residual cyanide.


Silver Anvil Engineering owns a number of Thum silver refining cells which produce 999.9 Fine silver.  We can produce ultra-pure silver if needed, but unless the client is willing to pay for the extra refining cost we frequently market the silver as Dore or impure silver.

If the client desires pure gold, we receive their metal, melt it with 3 times its weight in silver and pour the molten metal into water.  The water-poured metal is boiled with 25% nitric acid to remove the silver and other impurities.  Residue is washed with chloride-free water and dissolved in aqua regia.  Gold is precipitated from the aqua regia with sulfur dioxide and the resulting metal melted.